About Us

Axelar is a groundbreaking platform that delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3. Its infrastructure allows dApp users to interact with any asset or application on any chain with just one click. By providing Turing-complete calls and messages on a permissionless Proof-of-Stake transport layer, dApps can communicate effortlessly across chains.

Axelar goes beyond wrapped asset transfers with its General Message Passing feature, enabling applications to call any function on any connected chain and deliver a seamless user experience. This approach revolutionizes dApp development by allowing developers to build on the platform best suited for their use case while prioritizing user experience.

Security is a critical aspect of cross-chain communication. Axelar addresses this challenge with its delegated proof-of-stake model, offering a permissionless and dynamic validator set that applies consensus mechanisms similar to those of the networks it connects.

Developers can build cross-chain applications using Axelar's API without needing new programming languages or added complexity. This enables them to focus on creating unique and innovative dApp functionality.

Axelar envisions a new generation of decentralized super apps that break down silos and span across Web3, with native cross-chain dApps extending beyond traditional bridges. The platform has attracted investments from top-tier investors such as Binance, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, and Polychain Capital and partnered with major PoS blockchains like Avalanche, Cosmos, Ethereum, and Polkadot.

Since launching its mainnet in January 2022, Axelar has supported cross-chain asset transfers across over 30 networks, with ongoing expansions. Example applications built on Axelar include cross-chain NFT marketplaces, liquidity routers, yield aggregators, privacy services, and gaming guilds.

Join Axelar in its mission to connect Web3 and revolutionize the world of decentralized applications with secure cross-chain communication.


  1. An autonomous, distributed work environment with opportunities for collaborative work in a diverse team worldwide.
  2. Scope to contribute to high-impact work and make a difference in a decentralized protocol.
  3. Opportunity to challenge oneself and learn new things.
  4. Unlimited time off throughout the year to rest and recharge.
  5. Competitive compensation with stock options, experiencing growth from the initial phase.