About Us

Unlocking On-Chain Liquidity and DeFi for Digital and Real-World Assets

Bridgesplit is a pioneering Web3 company that enables institutions, companies, and DeFi protocols to unlock on-chain liquidity and harness the power of decentralized finance for a wide range of assets, including funds, loans, NFTs, and real estate. By leveraging Bridgesplit's software and APIs, users can transform illiquid or complex assets into investable ones, creating trading markets, lending platforms, and derivatives in days instead of months.

With a global liquidity layer for digital art, LP NFTs, and collectibles, Bridgesplit facilitates scalable financial products for illiquid assets. Its versatile solutions include asset pooling, fractionalization, and user buy-now-pay-later options. Moreover, Bridgesplit empowers traditional finance assets to leverage the efficiency and composability of public blockchain technology, offering compliant infrastructure for tokenization, asset-backed lending, and more.

Since its inception, Bridgesplit has successfully launched a digital art exchange generating approximately $7 million in monthly volume and expanded its offerings in partnership with beta partners in traditional finance verticals such as commercial loan syndication, climate asset markets, and fractionalized real estate ownership. 

Headquartered in New York, the Bridgesplit team values pursuing challenges and fostering a collaborative environment devoid of ego. Their mission is to create a future where capital can flow freely to its most productive purpose, enabling every type of asset to access liquid markets and harness the power of digital finance.


  1. Competitive salary with stock options
  2. Private office located in Flatiron (in-person)
  3. Regular off-sites, retreats, and other company-sponsored events and travel opportunities
  4. Full healthcare benefits including medical, dental, and vision, with coverage for dependents.