About Us

introducing Jito Labs: Pioneering MEV Infrastructure to Boost Solana's Performance and Rewards

Jito Labs is a trailblazing MEV Infrastructure Company dedicated to maximizing the performance of the Solana blockchain and enhancing validator rewards. Jito Labs aims to scale Solana efficiently and effectively by building high-performance systems.

Their validator products are designed to optimize performance and rewards:

  • Jito-Solana Client: An open-source validator client to increase revenue and improve hardware utilization.
  • Jito Block Engine: Constructs the most profitable and efficient blocks for validators.
  • Jito Relayer: Handles spam mitigation and signature verification.

Jito Labs also offers trading products for professionals:

  • Jito Bundles (for Validators): Unlocks sequential execution of transactions, supported by the Jito-Solana client.
  • Jito Mempool (for Traders): Provides access to higher transaction delivery guarantees.
  • ShredStream (for Stakers): Delivers shreds directly from leaders, saving hundreds of milliseconds.

Recognizing MEV as a rapidly growing business model for blockchains, Jito Labs focuses on maximizing the benefits of MEV for the Solana network while minimizing negative externalities for users and applications. Their mission is to scale Solana through high-performance MEV infrastructure.

With a fast-moving, ambitious team, Jito Labs has experienced significant growth across multiple products in 2023, outpacing competitors and securing over 20% of the staked Solana Tokens with their Jito-Solana client. If you're a job seeker looking to join an innovative and thriving company in the Web3 and crypto space, consider Jito Labs as the place to accelerate your career.


  • Above-market compensation and multiple forms of equity
  • All-expenses-paid team retreats and conferences to Lisbon, Palm Springs, and more
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Weekly meal voucher
  • WeWork membership