About Us

Pudgy Penguins is a forward-thinking web3 brand that focuses on fostering creativity, freedom, and community in the world of digital collectibles. They are dedicated to promoting web3 culture and pushing for mass adoption by encouraging the collaboration of innovative thinkers, creatives, and builders who share their vision for the future of web3.

Pudgy Penguins consists of 8,888 unique collectible penguins, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These digital collectibles represent a diverse and vibrant penguin family, inviting collectors to immerse themselves in the cold yet warm and welcoming world.

The brand is committed to producing various content, merchandise, toys, and digital collectibles, leveraging the power of play and imagination to help users unlock their inner child. As one of the fastest-growing brands in web3, Pudgy Penguins aims to make a lasting impact on the web3 ecosystem by creating a fun, engaging, and supportive community for its users.