About Us

Empowering the Next Generation of Web3 Teams with Seamless Crypto Spending Solutions

Rain is a visionary Web3 company dedicated to designing cards for the next generation of Web3 teams, enabling seamless and intuitive crypto spending. With a focus on supporting innovators and pioneers of the decentralized web, Rain aims to create a world where spending crypto is as effortless as falling water, backed by a vibrant community of creators and dreamers.

Founded by Farooq Malik and Charles Naut, Rain is led by a team of experienced professionals in fintech and Web3. Farooq Malik, Co-founder and CEO, is an ex-banker turned Web3 enthusiast passionate about unlocking financial tools within the Web3 ecosystem. Charles Naut, Co-founder and CTO, is an engineer and technologist with a keen interest in decentralization and a love for building.

Rain's groundbreaking approach has attracted world-class investors who believe in the company's vision of transforming the future of spending. By offering an innovative platform that caters to the unique needs of Web3 teams, Rain is poised to revolutionize how crypto is spent and integrated into the global financial landscape. With a strong emphasis on community and collaboration, Rain is committed to empowering the pioneers of the decentralized web and shaping the future of the crypto and fintech industries.

Here are the benefits provided by Rain in a simple list:

  1. Unlimited time off with a minimum of 10 days required
  2. Flexible working options to accommodate individual preferences
  3. Easy-to-access flexible benefits, including health, dental, vision, and life insurance
  4. Equity option plan for all employees
  5. Rain Cards to support knowledge of core products and services
  6. Health and wellness spending allowances
  7. Team summits to strengthen relationships and build a common destiny.
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