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RISC Zero is a cutting-edge, open-source, General Purpose Zero-Knowledge VM that enables the proving and verification of any computation instantly. With zk-STARKs and RISC-V microarchitecture, RISC Zero provides a zero-knowledge verifiable general computing platform that supports Rust, C++, and any other language that compiles to RISC-V.

Zero-knowledge proofs allow a prover to convince a verifier of the truth without revealing all the details. RISC Zero's zkVM emulates a small RISC-V computer, enabling it to run arbitrary code in any language as long as a compiler toolchain targeting RISC-V exists. This capability allows for the secure and private execution of code without exposing inputs or states during execution.

RISC Zero is on a mission to revolutionize the internet with a team of hackers, futurists, and nerds dedicated to creating an ecosystem based on their groundbreaking zero-knowledge virtual machine. They offer a transparent pay structure, above-market salaries, premium benefits, and a commitment to treating everyone fairly.

Using real microarchitecture, the RISC Zero ZKVM operates like an embedded RISC-V microprocessor, enabling programmers to write ZK proofs like any other code. Join RISC Zero in their quest to transform the world of computing and bring a new level of privacy and security to the internet.

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Full-time  •  Remote (Remote-US)  •  4m ago
4m ago

Senior ZK Cryptographer

Full-time  •  Remote (Remote-US, Seattle, WA)  •  $249k - $280k / year  •  6m ago
6m ago

AWS Platform Engineer

Full-time  •  Remote (Remote)  •  $200k - $249k / year  •  10m ago
10m ago
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